Testimonials from happy clients. I left out the bad ones. (jk! There are no bad ones…)

These quotes are from actual clients whose books I’ve edited and have sitting on my actual bookshelf. I always ask for a signed copy of the book once published. It’s my own little trophy section and brings me MUCH joy!

FROM Dr. Sherman Smith,  Managing Partner, Heritage Builders, LLC:

“Heritage Builders Books loves the work of Amy Van Vleck.  She is an integral part of our publishing business when we bring on new authors, or the existing authors are writing and need editing.  We find her articulate, knowledgeable, and her work ethic is off the chart.  She did an outstanding job on my latest book Life Under Pressure, Moving Beyond Financial Meltdown. I highly recommend her.”

FROM Terry Miller, author of The Mountain Beyond (a memoir)

“Hi Amy! You are one great editor and person! Thank you very much for your speedy response. My goal to get this off to the publisher this week. YEA! I really appreciate you and the positive contribution you make to our writing industry, as well as your Christian witness. God bless!”

FROM Janet Kirch, President, Soaring to Excellence, Inc.

“Amy, so many times I’ve thought to myself ‘was this the right decision,’ when choosing a service for my business.  From the first phone conversation with you, and within the first couple of minutes, I just knew I got the right person to edit my book. You put me at ease right away. I was amazed at the extent to what you go through when editing and making recommendations, all while keeping my personality in tact. I will be recommending everyone I know who’s writing a book to contact you. You have my full endorsement.”


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